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Contact us !

Want to contact us ?

Hey it’s me 6Infinity8 (Infinity) !
I am the creator (and first administrator) of graalstuff.
You can pm me in game my name is Infinity or skype to Flomine68 or if you want, just an e-mail to
If you have any question just ask I reply in 24 hours maximum.

Hi I am demon !
We are actualy normal graal player and you can contact me on graal me names DEMºN on skype me names eikelsasha or email me i reply in a 48H time.

Hi I am the BigBoss!!!
You wont contact me ever i will stay anonyme i am the picture uploader of this website there are no information about me have fun.

Yo, I’m G.FoX! I make graphics for Graal. Well, of course I use to do lot more than this but concerning graal that’s all. If you want to contact me, here is my e-mail:

If you want us to add something or have request for specifical body,heads or whatever contact us and feedback.

As the Bigboss I would like to say that we are in cooperation whit if you cant find the head/body you need go there see or contact us.

You will rarely contact BigBoss he accepted to take contact whit ppl only if its for a good reason thanks for your atention.

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